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We asked Sigmund Friberg to tell you more about what he does…

Sigmund Friberg is an expert in property financing and fiscal optimization (FFO). He is a trusted consultant and advisor to many clients, banks, life insurance companies and real-estate agencies. He runs his own company in Nyon – Helvetia International.

Sigmund live in Bursin since years, one of the many picturesque and charming vineyard villages in the area called ‘La Cote’ that lies between Geneva and Lausanne and faces the Alps and Lake Léman.

‘I consult and advise property buyers to reach financial and fiscal optimization, which reduces a person’s overall running costs and increases their property value over time. This is important because property financing involves much more than just getting a mortgage. Putting together the complete final financial and fiscal package for a future property owner is actually a multi-step process.

My job is to help my clients – property buyers and real-estate agencies like Helveticimo-Luxury – find the best solutions in all areas of financing a property:

Running costs
Property value
Accounting money flow
Payment out money
Rental value
I’m often also brought in as a “financial trouble shooter” to fix financial deals for all kind of property clients. Thanks to my experience in the real-estate sector and relationships with banks, life insurance companies, and communities from which I can negotiate financing for my clients, I am able to do this work with ease.

As a professional advisor I always start with a financial and fiscal audit of my clients based on their current situation and a pre-planned property. This gives the clients a clear picture and frame for actions they will need to take. It would be unfair, a waste of time, and dishonest to work with the client without a truthful analysis of their financial situation and detailed explanation of how they can optimize their potential. The trust-based relationships I build are also my best word-of-mouth publicity.

I’m in daily contact with the property market and I feel that my financial partners have confidence in me. Moreover, my FFO client audit is a fair and realistic tool that gives people a clear 360 degree financial baseline. Being connected permanently with the real-estate market this helps me constantly monitor the market trends, scan the deals on offer, and suggest to my clients what best solution for them.

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